The Chaos Tactic

Intelligence informs me that the enemy is wearing dark green uniforms. We will wear the same. In the resulting chaos, everyone will die, though we have fewer men.


As soon as you have killed three of the enemy, you will be rotated to safety behind our lines to preserve the best of our army for the next battle. Each of you has been issued different-colored bullets so we can confirm your kills, by removing the bullets, as long as you advance.

The Correct Valley

We arrived at the correct valley, but the enemy had gone down river. I had forgotten about the enemy’s 90,000 boats.

The Guards

Sir, I have been to the prison as ordered. The prisoners are guarding the doors of their own prison. The prison guards are long gone. Everyone could walk right out. The prisoners take turns being guards, so everyone is involved.

Soldier’s Notebook

The fighting broke out at the doughnut factory. That evening we had our fill of sugar, glazed, etc., doughnuts with vast urns of coffee and real cream. Most of the soldiers smoked and those that did not could wear masks. I felt then that I would remain a soldier.