The Rain
Even after so many nights alone
with all the abandoned orchards
cheering each day’s deaths and

the fires fading into their orange
bones you say it is just the clouds
that brings the distance closer

but it is the animals we never see
dying that gives us this future of
nights with the shape of your shadow

looming in the door of the far fields
the shape of the door in the far worlds
the shape of the worlds that are your shadow

you say it is just the sun
tell me what you see in the rain
and I will show you your eyes
Cabin Fever
Hot pillows fresh liver
this day comes to me on a
black wing everyone’s my
friend the hermit shooting

snowmen the nearest neighbor
up all night training crows
and somewhere behind these
screaming clouds a full moon

now too littered with junk
it’s vicious this solitude
I want to kill something that
I can’t see rats gnawing in the

walls I dismantle this frenzy and
the trees shed their limbs like
war heroes and slip into the
night’s cold grease it’s hard

but call it beautiful everyone’s
your friend the dog eating your
feet the face in the window at
night you won’t admit exists