Men aren’t the same as they used to be. 

Men are different. They want the world to understand them
and failing that, they want a B-movie to live in 
where world-weary women bring them hard liquor 
and look at them with understanding eyes. 
OK, OK, some men. Jesus, where’s your sense of humor?

Do you like baseball? 

Men are conniving bastards with a hard-on and a 
harelip and should be driven through the streets with 
whips until they drop. 

I like baseball. I didn’t before. 
See? Men change. 

Robert, I know you mean well, but I can’t attend 
the wild man meeting this evening, because the Giants are 
in a crunch series with Cincinnati. 

Men will swim through a river of snot for a piece 
of that good thing. I forgot who said that. 

Men make horrible mistakes and spend years 
writing novels about it. They make their lovers into chapters.
They will never finish the novel. 

Men play baseball. It looks as though the time is 
well spent. 
Some would say that. 
Some men.