The New Animal
Last night I dreamt that I was naked, or nearly
Naked, in the woods, waking, and you came
And played with me — my cock was like
A skinless animal, full of joy, like the woods.

Soon the woods filled with mysterious people
As in a caribou migration among the Cree.
We all looked around, because some new animal
Had arrived — it was partly goose and partly cow.

We couldn’t tell if the new animals
Were the beasts being herded, or those doing the herding.
Standing By The Road
Suppose you see a face in a Toyota
One day, and fall in love with that face,
And it is Her, and the world rushes by
Like dust blown down a Montana street.

And you fall upward into some deep hole,
And you can’t tell God from a grain of sand.
And your life is changed, except that you now
Overlook even more than you did before,

And these ignored things come to bury you,
And you are crushed, and your parents
Can’t help anymore, and the woman in the Toyota
Becomes a part of the world that you don’t see,

And now the grain of sand becomes sand again,
And you stand on some mountain road weeping.