Distillate of Rainbow is an ancient and natural remedy for the relief of tension and nagging worries.

This potion is not a chemical and produces no destructive physical effects. Rather, it is a pure supplement to the spiritual diet, strengthening the living self against assaults of our collective mental warp which adamantly denies the sufficiency of Things As They Are.

Use as follows: Place a small amount in a glass of fresh air. Stir briskly and inhale slowly, closing eyes and focusing on the back of the neck.

Distillate can be used at any time with immediate effect. Upon entering the head, distillate simply expands, expressing all greyness, loosening muscles, opening a central space for those in the common state of being Strung Out.

Heavy usage is not destructive. In fact, individual requirements decrease with time until finally one is capable of spontaneous spiritual flight called Going Over the Rainbow. This is bothersome only because it encourages latent tendencies toward dancing by the light of the moon, howling madly when your blood rises with the sap and laughing joyously for No Good Reason.

In general, Distillate of Rainbow acts as a powerful antidote to the chronic cultural condition, Pushing the River (as in Don’t p.t.r., it flows by itself).

This product is brought to you by the Association of Liberated Leprechauns and Wood Nymphs, an organization devoted to the restoration of whatever is needed to cure what-ails-us. Given an adequate supply of fresh air (perhaps a problem), the revolutionary possibilities are intriguing. To contact your nearest representative, look around you.