THE best alternative energy sources, according to Watson Morris of ECOS, are “doing away with present wasteful practices.”

He adds that large savings can also be obtained from making all household appliances as efficient as the most efficient models on the market.

“Mind now,” he says, “this requires no change in present consumer habits. Just a simple change in design, which we already know how to do.”

A NEW building in Dallas will use human body heat to conserve energy.

The heat will be collected and distributed through outlets to the exterior of the building. This blanket of heat will counteract energy losses through the glass walls of the building.

FROM a letter to the Village Voice, these suggestions on saving energy:

  • Harness the power of prunes. Prunes are one of America’s most neglected natural resources.
  •  No cheese on Sunday. If everyone in America didn’t eat cheese on Sunday just think how many refrigerator doors would stay closed longer.
  • Boycott dirigibles. They’re our worst transportation bargain.
  • Keep your nails polished. Less air friction means more body heat means savings for you.

A NORFOLK TV station sent a helicopter several miles off Virginia Beach to check reports that oil tankers were standing offshore.

Sure enough, the helicopter counted seven tankers and returned to make a TV report.

No one knows why they were there.

“Dynamite! Good for us! As far as I’m concerned we’ve been living in such an inflated lifestyle, we’ll be getting back to normal, like other countries.”

— Bill Huntley, owner, Harmony Health Foods,
on the energy crisis.