Fancy cream puffs so soon after breakfast. The very idea made one shudder. All the same, two minutes later Jose and Laura were licking their fingers with that absorbed inward look that comes only from whipped cream.

Katherine Mansfield

Go into the kitchen to shake the chef’s hand. If he is thin, have second thoughts about eating there; if he is thin and sad, flee.

Ferand Point

The first thing I did when I made the decision to kill myself was to stop dieting. Let them dig a wider hole.

Gail Parent

The family ate hugely; they were like a school of voracious fish feeding under the sea of chatter.

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals.

Benjamin Franklin

We arrive eager, we stuff ourselves and go away depressed and disappointed and probably feeling a bit queasy into the bargain. . . . A greedy start and a stupefied finish. Waiters, who are constantly observing this cycle, must be the most disillusioned of men.

Iris Murdoch

Life itself is the proper binge.

Julia Child

As we talked of freedom and justice one day for all, we sat down to steaks. I am eating misery, I thought, as I took the first bite. And spit it out.

Alice Walker

We often mistake a desire of the body for a yearning of the soul.

Harry Austryn Wolfson

Such is life. It is no cleaner than a kitchen; it reeks of a kitchen; and if you mean to cook your dinner, you must expect to soil your hands. The real art is getting them clean again.

Honoré de Balzac

The best foods are the products of infinite and wearying trouble. The trouble need not be taken by the consumer, but someone, ever since the Fall, has had to take it.

Rose Macaulay

If we mammals don’t get something to eat every day or two, our temperature drops, all our signs fall off, and we begin to starve. Living at biological red alert, it’s not surprising how obsessed we are with food.

Diane Ackerman

Cheese that is required by law to append the word food to its title does not go well with red wine or fruit.

Fran Lebowitz

I asked the clothing-store clerk if she had anything to make me look thinner, and she said, “How about a week in Bangladesh?”

Roseanne Barr

The decision to feed the world is the real decision.

Adrienne Rich

Must the hunger become anger and the anger fury before anything will be done?

John Steinbeck

This is the heart of whole-body eating. Be there when you eat. . . . Taste it. Savor it. . . . Rejoice in it. See how it makes your body feel. Take in all the sensations. But don’t just eat the food. Eat the ambiance. Eat the colors. Eat the aromas. Eat the conversation. Eat the company sitting next to you. Eat the entire experience. . . . We don’t just hunger for food alone.

Marc David

You can tell a lot about a fellow’s character by his way of eating jelly beans.

Ronald Reagan

Those boys could hear a meat bone being dropped into soup half a mile away. If a man brushed a crumb from his beard, there was their knock on his door.

Joanne Greenberg

Contemplating the suffering which is unbearable to us, and is unbearable to others, too, can produce awake mind, which arises from the compassion that wishes to free all living beings from suffering.

The Dalai Lama