If a baby doesn’t know it has a Mother till it’s born,
        what do we not know we have
                  till after we die?
If a baby doesn’t know it’s inside its Mother,
         what are we inside of
                   we don’t know we’re inside of?
A baby in the womb doesn’t know it’s in the womb,
Doesn’t know it’s inside anything,
Has no idea there’s anything outside
          the amniotic ocean it floats in,
No idea it’s surrounded by a living being
         that has an outside,
A living being breathing, walking, talking, touching,
         seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting,
                   thinking, sleeping, dreaming, loving.
A baby in the womb has no idea
         its Mother loves cool September breezes
                   floating through the twilight window
         with cricket dreamtime energy.
And a baby in utero doesn’t know
          there’s an outside world
                    of light and objects
          and other pregnant Mothers
                    with babies inside them not knowing
          and human society and history and
                    geography, geology, astronomy,
          zoology, botany, ecology
                    or an affectionate puppy
          that sleeps next to the Mother.
What about us? What’s outside us we don’t know about?
For all a baby knows, what it’s in
           extends outwards forever,
                     the way deep-sea fish
           who never come to the surface
                     or swim to the Ocean floor
           never know there’s an Ocean floor under them
                     or Ocean surface above them with the sky above it
           and think the Sea goes on in every direction forever.
If a dog can hear a baby sucking its thumb in the womb
          and the baby has no idea dogs exist or ears exist,
What do we have no idea of that exists,
          that hears our most intimate sounds?
What do we have that we have no idea of
          that nurses our just-born souls after death
                     with invisible milk
          from its invisible sweet-smelling breasts?