And if a man gather
milkweed blossoms in Fall
may he bring them to his wife

When winter is cold
may they rub each other’s feet
and warm each other

When there is music
may they hear it together

If he is well in the world
may she have that world with her husband
When he is low or disheartened
may she want to be there with her husband
And as she is equally in these places
may he want to be there with his wife

May they drink deeply and often from their cup

When he writes poetry
may he read her
music, may she play him
May they dance
May each find room, and give ground
May the moon be kind

May they harvest the flowers
of each other, and breathe deeply
and rejoice, and when time is quiet
may they welcome the silence

May friends and those they invite share
the power of their life
the comprehending kindness
the search to love
more, and more deeply

when they look on the love in others
and share the love in others
may they behold more thankfully
the love they find together

And where there is suffering
may it be as Fall wind
to blow the million wants
from the clear structure of their belonging

For if I do not love you
nor you love me
then where on this earth
shall I look second?
And when time, disease,
the terrible force of events
one day pulls us apart
or leaves one alone,
then who would I bring to another
who would I be
more than what I have grown to be
through your love.