Environmental Impact Statement
My anger’s a ditch
filled up by a hundred rains;
green scum rimes the edges,
insects clutter the sticky air.

A long, rutted road twists
through a field to the ditch;
moist toads crouch in the grass,
the heat unwinds a secret snake.

You are at one end of the road;
I am at the other. We ignore
the anger, pretending to get warts
from a toad, temptation from a serpent.

The truth is, we have loved
our littered words too much.

To drain this ditch is expensive.
It will leave a scar on the land.
Another Silence
Everyone gone          silence is free
          to slide out from under chairs
          from inside shoe boxes          to be
          itself.          Released          it fills
          all recently held spaces
          and weaves across the lacy

air.          The woolly quiet
          comes to me on soft belly hairs
          creeping over carpet          glad to forget
          the children’s wars          the machines
          that never stop          the slight
          shaking of the earth.          Daylight

silence is spotted with sound
          distinct patches laid on
          with a true ear          the coarse bending
          of air by lawn mowers          the chop
          of a slammed door          the dull clef
          of the refrigerator.          We are only deaf

in concentration          furry with thoughts
          that muffle and insulate.          True silence
          curls inside each idea          caught
          by some meaning at its nucleus
          like a gentle animal          waiting
          for its master to open the gate.