As warm weather oozes into the psyche the deep seated urge for asceticism makes its play for the body’s lifestyle by creating a desire of which I will offer a description.

First, to relieve ourselves of wordly encumbrances we change hand-tying possessions into the best of traveling companions, simple transmutable cash.

One needs a mantra to provide the stepping rhythm. I have found the pepsi hymn as good as any — “You’ve got a lot to live.”

One should take note that the idyllic “candle in the wind” lifestyle has changed from the old vision.

I refer to the daydream of wandering in a rural agricultural setting, men tending cattle and women milking; young maids in the doorway inviting your holiness in to refresh at their fountain of feminine fifi.

Today’s ascetic should be prepared to stay on the roads with a safety ear on traffic and the other ear on the voice of God speaking through sharp gravel.

When the roads are left, one wanders through a vast tree-farm, spotted with briars, barbed wire, and no trespassing signs.

My unsolicited advice: if you have symptoms of this idyllic daydream, settle for a less-robust ecstasy through the inner journey.