Every boy knows what it’s like
          when he’s really alone,
When it’s safe to jack off with a passion,
When it’s safe to take off his clothes
          and prance around
And parade his lubricating cock
          before every mirror in the house,
Safe to cry out and talk dirty
          while jerking it,
Really scream, “I’m coming!”
          when he comes,
Really stand on his head
          and jack off in his face
          if he wants,
Yes, every boy knows
          when it’s safe.

At the country picnic the 12-year-old boy
          wanders off by himself in the woods,
          he knows the perfect spot.
On his study-hall break to the library
          the 13-year-old stops in the empty john,
          just enough time for a quickie.
The 14-year-old boyscout waits till he’s sure
          everyone in the tent is sleeping,
          quietly, slowly he plays with his dream.
The 15-year-old runs home from school,
          halfway he’s already hard,
His heart is pounding
          when he opens the front door,
He knows he’s got a full hour
          before his sister or parents return,
Enough time to give himself
          a real workout in the bathtub.
The 16-year-old wakes up in the snowy night,
          with a flashlight he watches himself
          magically masturbate under the comforter.
The 17-year-old puts Leaves of Grass aside,
          leans back on the chair with his feet on the wall
          in the basement at home where he studies,
He likes poetry, but right now
          he needs a good handjob
          before he can continue. . . .
No one can see me now,
          the boy chuckles to himself,
And I’m not fool enough anymore to think God
          is watching me horrified
          and will sentence me to hell.
If God doesn’t love to watch boys jack off
          as much as boys love to watch themselves jack off
          he does not exist.
The 18-year-old boy licks his lips
          as he jacks off in the hayloft,
If anyone saw me they’d think I was nuts,
          he thinks as he squirms and groans,
His devilish lasciviousness to make love to himself
          makes the monkeys at the zoo seem prudes,
There’s no posture, no expression on his face,
          no possible method of touch he won’t try
          to make it feel more Wow.
The voluptuous 19-year-old knows
          he’s got the whole beach to himself today,
He basks naked in the sun,
          then floating on the lake
          gives himself the best handjob of his life.
The 20-year-old mountain climber still digs the thrill
          of doing it on top of a mountain alone,
He never tells anyone about it, it’s a secret
          he keeps to himself,
He still smiles remembering the first time
          he jacked off from a cliff,
Ecstatic boyhood semen spurting and spurting
          tumbling thousands of feet
          into the wild valley below. . . .