Morning dew of honey melting on my tongue.
Shooting comet, bright blinding light,
bluewhite tail of love. I taste Your silk and spices.
When I touch my forehead, it is You.

Who can remember the beginning? But I know You.
Call me, and I come running across the hills.
When I see Your face, I laugh like a cloud blowing.

My Lord, I grew old.
I searched abroad, while You were within!
At last I fell on the ocean, and You found me.
You made me small to climb the tree hiding in the seed.
Beside You, I am a shower of tears.
You made me the flower, and the pollen, and the wind.
Your whisper is a murmur of spring
against my window. Forever I am listening.
By the day or night,
You know that I am Yours.