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Forty-four years ago this month, we offered a special holiday rate on gift subscriptions. That was the first time, and it’s a tradition we’ve continued every year since. The announcement of that original offer in 1979 described The Sun as “the ideal gift for friends who’d share your enthusiasm for a totally independent journal, a forum for those who lead lives of intensity and impact” — a description that, happily, has remained true.

As an ad-free magazine, we often emphasize how reliant we are on our readers. We’re supported by your subscriptions and donations, of course, but we also depend on those of you who share the magazine with your like-minded relatives and friends. We don’t have a robust advertising budget, a television commercial, or a marketing department. What we do have is you, talking about what you’ve read here, sharing it — either in person or online — and buying the magazine as a gift for the people you love. Without those gifts, especially, The Sun might have closed its doors decades ago.

To see our latest holiday offers, visit thesunmagazine.org/gifts and help us to keep spreading the word.