Loretta’s typesetting machine arrived last week — a 900-pound marvel of modern science, looking like something out of Star Wars. It came without another scientific marvel, a forklift to get it off the truck. There was just me and the driver, who didn’t want to get involved. I rounded up some people, and we nudged it off the back of the truck onto the front lawn. The driver jumped in the cab and drove off, and it took us another two-and-a half hours to coax it twenty feet into the front door.

Amidst our high drama of pushing and pulling (sometimes at the same time), someone driving by stopped his truck and got out to help us. A robust man with a full head of white hair and the manners of a boot camp sergeant, he ordered us all to get on one side while he lifted the other. And he did! The secret, he said, was “to make your mind a blank.” Then he got back in his truck and drove off. Human personality is surely more complex than the circuitry of our new Compugraphic.

Anyway, Loretta’s open for business now, as SunSerifs Typesetting — and of course I recommend her, not just because she’s helping us out enormously by setting THE SUN, but because she’s fast, accurate, and one of those marvels of the business world: someone who’s fair to her customers, and kind.

— Sy