Mixing in naked passion,
Those who naked new life fashion
Are themselves reborn in naked grace

                                       — Stephen Spender

The Vengeful God leaned toward the
Prince of Peace. His eyes glowed like
ovens and his mouth was a river of
fire from ear to ear.
“Congratulations,” he chortled.
The Prince of Peace shrugged. His
hair sparkled like icicles in the sun.
“This is only the beginning,” he said.
“He is still a prisoner of his dreams.
She has yet to understand the
true importance.”
The Vengeful God nodded.
“Flesh must yet be torn. Mind
must yet be tamed. Eyes must yet
be turned toward the true and
rising star. It will take time.”
“We have eternity,” The Prince of
Peace replied.
“And they,” added The Vengeful
God, with a wink, “have a child.”