We’re pleased to announce that The Sun has been awarded the Utne Reader’s 1991 Alternative Press Award for General Excellence. We came in first in our category: “Best Publication Under 15,000 Circulation.”

The Utne Reader wrote: “No other magazine provides quite the same atmosphere of intimacy as The Sun. Along with beautifully written, thoughtful essays and fiction, this publication regularly prints readers’ reactions to topics as diverse as smoking and the telephone, mothers and illness. It’s a magazine completely unlike any other, always personal, always meaningful, always unexpected.”

Alas, Issue 188, mailed last month, was full of the wrong kinds of surprises. Subscriber names on mailing labels were reversed, last name first. Because of a miscommunication with our printer, borders around essays by Ashley Walker and Isabella Russell-Ides were omitted, which made them, and the accompanying Us section, vexing to read. Finally, despite the usual rigorous proofreading, two typos slipped by.

The Alternative Press Award hangs proudly (not, I trust, crookedly) in the hall.

— Ed.