Sand Sculpture
The chimera of sensations
that parade like pedants
around my eyes
grasp and occupy
my allotted time;
occasionally I drift
like flippant fingers
of sand skidding
off the top of barchans
Only to accrete
against the stern basaltic face
of grim redundancy
and scrim, somnambulistic quarks of thoughts
that drip by days onto collapsing castles
a moment to dismember
the scissor of a walk
a schism of seconds
to calm the insouciant seas
to unknot the congregated ganglia
so salient and crewel
a macrame mastiff
drooling near a virgin
who weeps crocheted snowflakes
and knits her eyes together
to focus on a crocus
ballooning in her lap
a moment to remember
our protean guise