Your diamond ring
cuts at my heart
like an ice tiger
white in a cage
of golden prongs.
It snarls at me
and scratches my soul
with faceted claws.

I touch your hand
and that awful ring
hisses in my palm.
We kiss and it
spits at my eye.
It growls in my dreams
on lonely nights.

Oh married lady
please wear opals.
They become you.
The red fire flowing
deep in the stones
as the love I see
in your brown eyes.
Her Eyes
Deep brown eyes
like the insides of tree trunks
twisting to dark roots
in the forest loam.

Painful tree-tight eyes
while something huge
mewing like anxiety
claws at the crevice
and tries to squeeze in.

Succubi wood nymph eyes
cold as a rabbit’s scream
when a bobcat
rips its guts out.

Eyes like forest pools
with green leaves leaning in
to drown in love.

Farmer in the field
stops his plowing
gets off his tractor
stands in the furrows
while the engine growls
looks under the brows
of the brooding dark woods
and stares in her eyes. . . .

her eyes. . . .

her eyes
Glenda’s Smile
Looking over her coffee cup
through the spiraling steam
she takes a quick hot sip
and smiles at me with her eyes.
She smiles in the friendly way
she leans back in her chair
and laughs.

But when Glenda smiles
with her mouth,
they the wirey wonder
of her braces
Oh the razzle dazzle
dental conglomeration
Oh the circus of chrome
that complicated
sexy tangle
makes you want to kiss her
just to comprehend
its stainless steel shine.