With this issue, we are introducing several design changes, including a new typeface, Warnock, which is replacing our workhorse font of many years, Goudy Old Style.

The original Goudy is a typographic masterpiece from one of the preeminent craftsmen of the profession, Frederic W. Goudy. Unfortunately, the digital version of this font (in which this paragraph is set) is a little pale and lacks the full complement of character shapes that The Sun requires. Recent advances in digital type technology, as well as a bevy of new designs, convinced us it was time for a change.

We have chosen Warnock (designed by Robert Slimbach, a contemporary master) for both its beauty and its functionality. It has a comfortable and familiar feel, and there is a strong presence of the calligraphic nib in the shape of its letters — giving it a warmth that seems appropriate for The Sun. We hope that you enjoy our new look, and find it easier on the eyes.