Mt. Chung-nan
It’s in my half-young, half-old bones
Evenings I roam the southern ridge
Where the spirit leads, I follow
The less I seek, the more I find

At the juncture of stream and sky
Clouds spread out above me
An old woodsman crosses my path
In our merriment, time stands still
Deer Park
no one in sight
but someone’s voice resounds
light streaks the woods
comes to rest on green moss
Harvest Time
in fields south of here
each red bean, a heartbeat
the more you pick
the closer I am
the mountains hold our goodbye
dusk, my door rough
I know spring will come
but you, will you?
Note To Magistrate Jang
age rings me with silence
no chorus won my heart
goals never filled me
I go bare to the woods
the wind undoes what I fasten
moonlight plays on my lute
you ask what life means
listen to the fish in the cove