All of a sudden, for no apparent reason, my wristwatch, which is lying on the bedside table, begins to tick louder. As if it wanted my attention. What is it? What could a watch possibly want? Cleaning? A new battery? Or is it Time calling attention to itself? Tempus fugit, and all that. No, it wants . . . something. It’s a big, semidomestic animal, confused from too long with humans, like a big dog that whines to be let out then immediately barks to be let back in. He doesn’t know what he wants any more than we do. Want to go for a walk, big boy? Yeah, yeah! He pulls on the leash, first one way, then another. It’s a constant tug of war. He wants to be turned loose, to run around in circles sniffing at everything. He doesn’t care if you come, too. If you can keep up.