A young woman pushes her bicycle 
up the hill to the Vigil, 
Eugene and Market. 
She wears white overalls with a tear on the knee.
I am facing south and see her for 20 seconds. 

I already have 12 friends: 
Teo and Wendy 
Cochita Blanca 
my garden, the Williams River 
Aunt Celia 
my Vandercook SP-15 printing press 
the “finishing press” 
Doug Marnie Kathryn and Elizabeth. 

There are many college girls. 
There are many bicyclists. 
There are many loyal vigilers. 
Many people now wear painter’s overalls.
Hundreds of people, every day, 
cross the corner of Market and Eugene. 

I salute you, oh my planet, 
I salute you, great Milky Way. 
Dear Sun and all the stars 
Earth in her orbit —
anguish and whale, ant and ecstasy —
I salute you 
Oh cosmos all worlds 
I salute you 
despair and butterfly, stone and peace. 

I celebrate everything! 
I love my 13 friends!