Alma Blount, former assistant editor of THE SUN, took these photographs as part of a documentary photography project at UNC in Chapel Hill. She writes:

“These people all work now, or have worked most of their lives, or are the sons and daughters of those who work at J. M. Odell Manufacturing Company in Bynum, North Carolina.

“At the mill they make a cotton and polyester thread which is sent to other mills to be made into underwear.

“At the turn of the century the mill owners constructed a village of forty or so houses for their employees. In Bynum, it’s known as ‘The Hill.’ That’s where these photos were taken.

“I’m especially grateful to the Wrenn family for their warmth to me during this undertaking. They were completely honest in front of the camera. I was a stranger to them but to my amazement, they were willing to express the love they have for each other as a family without inhibition before my curious eyes.”


The photographs in this selection are available as a PDF only. Click here to download.