The Specifics
What is me changes daily
as much as anything. These
things are easy to say. I

live on a hill, much of the world I see,
all green. The cats cut
paths through
the low grass, it’s how
one knows where they have been.

Oh stealth! Oh cunning! Quietly,
quietly does love make its way
to me. Outside my doors
I hear love breathing, oh. And
oh. Oh! he says,

how I loved you and what can she say and
what would he have her say.
Something eloquent, he may
jot it down, think of it later,
of her. When he/she is
older/wiser. There is courage
here. It is a simple idea.
The Visit
I got up. I walked around.
I walked through a room. I
had not wanted to write this
down but you insisted.
Color of glass, it hangs there
in the light. Are
you alright? I’ll bring you something
if you tell me what it
is you want.                        There
are trees here, sweet gum and
crab apple. They sway ever so slightly
in the light breeze.