New studies reveal
Male babies get erections in the womb
              on the average of five times a day.
Deeper inside their Mother is their little fetus boner
              than their actual Father’s manly stud-meat
                          can penetrate.
Closer to their Mother’s heart
              is their little fetus boner
                          than their Father’s actual giant hard-on
              ever comes.
Too bad, too bad a Father can’t have
              the miniature living boner of his unborn son
                          inside him,
              or the miniature living vagina of his unborn daughter
                          inside him.
Too bad a Father can’t give birth to a penis
              from his penis
                          the way a Mother can give birth
              to a vagina from her vagina.
If you had time-machine X-ray vision
              you could see inside your Mother
                          pregnant with you,
              the little baby-to-be-that-is-you
                          has a boner.
Not till now does it dawn on you
You really had erections before you were born,
That your penis was alive and excitable
              before you even knew what a boy or girl was,
                          before you ever saw your face or penis,
              before you ever saw the outside world
                          or had a name or a personality
              or daydreamed being a bard,
                          your little member went from limp to hard
              a thousand times
                          inside your Mother.