my preacher says
if he worked for
the devil hed be
a good worker
                                        you know
he was in the army with
my son and
my son and him
                         went to prison
                         the same time
                         for a robbery
just a kid
prank but they took
five stereos from
a man they worked
for one summer
                                       I believe
they took the stuff in idleness—
the police got four of them back
and they sure paid for the other—
but theyd been hellions in school
and it seemed like the army tamed
em none so the judge said ninety
days the way a judge will
                                                         but you
say you seen him
over southeast
like he had a needle
in him
                         yes indeed
                         the devil pays
                         his good workers best
my son one of them
muslims now and he
worked at their bakery

I dont know a man
should be too quick
to give up Jesus

but he respect me
though he gets mad
about the way I drink sometimes