TO obtain unemployment insurance in Chapel Hill go to the Employment Security Commission office in the basement of the Franklin Street Post Office.

If you have been employed for a year and a half before you lost your job, if the company for which you worked was in existence for more than twenty weeks, if your employer paid unemployment taxes, and if you manage to slide through lots of other loopholes, you might get about thirty or forty dollars a week.

One poor guy went to work one day to find his factory had burned down. Though he was out of work, he couldn’t get a penny in compensation because he hadn’t been working a year and a half previously.

You should remember there is probably more time spent making sure someone who is “rightfully” unemployed isn’t getting a dollar more than he deserves than there is investigating corruption in government. But if you’re really broke, even if you quit your job for some reason you can convince officials was legitimate, you may be able to get a little help.