The Overwhelm
Leath Tonino is a freelance writer publishing in Manatee Quarterly, Don’t Step There Journal, The Journal Squared², Nonrigid Airship Engineering, TISK, Oreohz Weekly, Dirigible Magazine, June Bug Review, Dogsitter vs. Dogwalker, Daytona Magazine, and Coastal Angler, Daytona Edition.


The Garner Sympathy
Leath Tonino is the author of Pizza Party at the End of Eternity, an unpublished chapbook. This is his first time in print, and he wants to thank every single reader for taking a moment to enjoy his sonnet.


The Workingman
The author of three novels, most recently Boots, Leath Tonino was for many years employed as a trucker, a baker, a pipeline technician, a hunting guide, an adjunct professor, and a swimming coach. His experience coordinating a Jungian men’s group informs Drums and Towers, his new collection of linked stories.


The Place
Leath “Cub” Tonino, naturalist and Gaia blogger, homesteads an acreage bordering the marshy southwest bank of Little Otter Creek in Vermont’s Champlain Basin — latitude 44°11'53" N, longitude 73°14'58" W. Temperature today is a low of forty-one, high of sixty-eight. The first trillium will bloom in the woods soon. Tufted titmouse on the windowsill. Evening rain forecasted.


The Country Song
Leath Tonino (author of Fight or Flight) is a patriot, a devoted husband, and the proud father of seven beautiful boys. He is the son of a proud father and the grandson of a proud grandfather. He is also the son of a red-dirt road, windows down, radio cranked, praise God, fish on the line, crack another beer.


The Nom De Plume
Buzz Rodwell has been writing professionally since 1981. As an ancient Chinese poet, he publishes under the name Split Rock Mountain. As an emcee in the Dope Crew, he rhymes as Da Serrano Pepper. As a children’s author, he goes by Jeremy Tonino (the Knock Twice series) and Jeremy Leath (the Wizard Mountain series). You can follow him at


The Gig Economy
Leath Tonino has three decades of experience copyediting in the corporate sector. Recent industry disruptions have afforded him more time to pursue his passion for making other people’s words shine! He’s available for everything from manuscript reviews to database research. Also painting, landscaping, light carpentry. No job too small.


The Progressive
Performer/activist/documentarian/urban farmer L.R. Tonino (he/him) is committed to leveraging the epistolary form in cli-fi to more directly and personally portray eco-unravelings. He condemns univocal solutioning and -isms of inherent degradation. Visit for reading lists and updates on exciting collaborations.


The Crossover
Leath Tonino is the founding front man of Shack Attack, a Grammy-nominated bluegrass band praised for their innovative basketball lyrics. Pick and Roll is his first novel.


The Mystical
Leath Tonino is the author of a fragmented novella and 30 billion profound thoughts that blew away on the wind. His work has appeared in snowy fields and dusty canyons, and he has pieces forthcoming on the surface of moonlit lakes. His memoir is currently being translated into stardust and deep-violet silence.


The Zero B.S.
I’m Leath Tonino, author of two essay collections. My writing is worth reading, probably not worth buying. Maybe check it out of your local library? I don’t like to talk about myself in the third person.