Found poem from the corporate e-mails in my inbox, March 2020

In these times     In these unprecedented times
In these uncertain times    In these trying times
You are probably exhausted by all the information.

Rest assured, we are vigilant.
The situation is complex.
We are closely monitoring the evolving situation.

It’s a weird time. It may only get weirder.
We need your help. We can save the restaurants
we love by ordering online.
Need a cocktail? Stay calm! Marriott understands
the pulse of the world beats as one.

Prepare your finances.
Though life continues to be unpredictable,
you can count on us. Rest assured, we are vigilant.
We are optimistic that the world will thrive again.

Whether you have questions about an order
or just need someone to talk to, our customer-
service agents are on the line. Once the emergency is over.

One month of free Premium
for frontline workers. Sadly, we’ve all borne witness.
Our very way of life. Starbucks wants to safely provide you
a moment of respite and normalcy. We have always been
an industry leader in making sure.

Like you, we are still uncertain
about how things will turn out for us.