isn’t much like
you’d imagine
they’re joking 
paraplegics putting
on rock-and-roll real 
loud to bug some dudes 
who just like Aida
We were glad to be 
coming out of the jungle 
not in body bags
first day out with my 
new leg and I think I’m
hot stuff     don’t know it’s 
got this spring-loaded 
thing and I twist on
a bar stool and my
leg spits and flings
itself out     yanks a 
briefcase off this
man’s arm and throws it 
across the floor     he 
gives me a funny look 
Then, once, one foot 
turned around so
I looked to be
walking backward and 
forward and a kid
pointed it out
and said look at that 
man as his mama was 
hushing. You’d be 
surprised what I can 
do with it. But, 
honey, there are 
some things it’s more 
comfortable to
take it off for