When you are at table, speak to none, keep your eyes lowered, and think of the heavenly table, of the food that is served thereon, which food is God Himself, and of the guests at this table, who are the angels.

St. Teresa of Avila

As you change your nature of consciousness in terms of thought forms, and as you change your environment, then the kinds of foods you need change as well. Right? I don’t eat meat, fish, chicken, or eggs. I don’t eat them because I am in a situation where I meet people in India who know how it is and they say, “Look we don’t eat them,” and so I don’t eat them because I’m a copy cat because I want what they’ve got. That’s the reason I don’t eat them. I can’t give you a very hip, sophisticated, rational model.

Ram Dass

Owsley describes meat — he has this beautiful little owl that he feeds mealworms. Owsley eats nothing but meat, he’s got a real heavy meat thing going. He says that he’s feeding that owl upgraded oatmeal ’cause he feeds the oatmeal to the worms and the worms to the owl. That’s what I figure beef is — upgraded grass. And I’d rather eat grass than beef.

Ken Kesey

Who’s going to save me from all these vegetarians?

Günter Grass