An orange can’t be too round.

At night milk is black.

The first wife remembers everything.

The tall perspire first.

Detectives dream in color.

All criminals are optimists.

It’s always dark inside an egg.

Headaches cross the Alps.

Volcanos are safe most days.

Anything can be giftwrapped.

Astigmatism lengthens a journey.

No one ever relaxed in a lounge.

Nowhere is pastry illegal.

Mice give milk too.

Agnostics make the best firemen.

Let sleeping bags lie.

The bus comes whether we wait or not.

Flying is easy, landing is hard.

Animals never retire.

You must open your eyes to cry.

Thread is useless unless it’s cut.

A houseboat’s furniture need not float.

Riots are a form of love.

Sometimes only a nightmare can wake one up.

One noodle, long enough, is a meal.

Amnesia cures stagefright.

A cow won’t buy milk.

To learn to swim try to drown.

Stress has been maligned.

It’s always warmer downtown.

Light leaves through windows.

Bones don’t die.

Nudists are born, not made.

The road turns while you’re reading the map.

At night garbage is beautiful.

Ambulances answer prayers.

If a shirt didn’t have holes you couldn’t wear it.

Ten can walk as fast as one.

Alphabet soup is the greatest teacher.

Money has lovers but no friends.

Poetry laughs while poets weep.

Pride goeth before 3 a.m.

Without feet shoes would not move.

One learns from humidity.

Walls make our choices.

Florida gets no vacation.

We all follow the thief’s rules.

Women are men with better clothes.

A dull knife never gets lost.

Man is the only animal that fears children.

Men are born blind.

If pigs had wings they still wouldn’t fly.

A perfect fool doesn’t know it.

Half a clock doesn’t tell half the time.

Elephants go through mosquito nets.

When one talks to a tree one tells the truth.

Don’t applaud a house of cards.

When I speak I am a word.

After an error one pauses.

No one dislikes his fingerprints.

After a snowfall crows are blacker.

There are more laps at night.

One sky is enough.

If olives had wings martinis would fly.

The knot is wider than the rope.

Throw away the scale and you weigh the same.

You can listen to two people at once if they say the same thing.

After a war shields are beautiful.

A dirty shirt makes one’s face look cleaner.

Anyone can get lost but staying lost is an art.