Youtube should have more videos like this one. I would watch more. The swimming moose is nuts.



watching this marsh is beautiful and haunting and soothing and mesmerizing beyond my wildest (wildest!) expectations and i can’t express the feelings because they disappear into the cycles like everything else. we’re all every one of us growing up green and dying down brown and chasing our tails and dancing a tango with the eternal. this is top five best if not the best illustration of the eternal i have ever seen. call it god or nature or energy or anything you want. THIS IS IT. YOU HAVE ARRIVED WHERE YOU ALWAYS ARE/WERE/WILL BE.



Here are three things that are total TOTAL bs: 1) global warming 2) veganism 3) this lame vid.



Last night my wife and I dimmed the screen and played only the audio as we went to bed. We live in Dallas and never hear flowing water or birdsong unless we’re at the park. My wife grew up in rural Connecticut and misses nature and we want to move but that’s not in the cards right now. :-/ Anyway, we both were jolted from the sweetest floating half-sleep by an ad for the Squatty Potty, really loud because I had the volume cranked to blot out the traffic noise. I am definitely going to play the vid again tonight, ads or not. If you miss the country or just fantasize about going there someday, I highly recommend.



is what all beavers paws look like or was that one at min 27 injured/abnormal?



Triumph vs. Failure. Time vs. the Moment. Micro vs. Macro. Beyond vs. the Great Beyond. MIND plus HEART equals MARSH. Need I say more?



I hate to think that people who have suffered trauma or for other reasons are sensitive to this kind of thing would be upset watching the scenes with the heron and the bear. That said, IMO it is a powerful piece of filmmaking.



The exact day this video was posted is when my twin sister tried to commit suicide. She’s still with us and doing much better. The bear ripping at the bloody deer carcass is difficult to watch. Feels like it goes on forever. But the whole thing is really good.



Is this what we need? Isn’t there enough violence in the world already? Title is misleading.



My dad was an outdoorsman in Quebec where he grew up and where we spent summers when I was a kid and I miss him every day. This marsh is in Colorado or northern Utah I think (I wish it would say) so it’s obviously really different from the places my family spent summers but it’s also really similar. The first time I watched it, my dad visited me in a dream that night and though he didn’t say anything it was clear he was happy and wanted me to be happy too. Now whenever I watch I feel like we are all part of something bigger than we realize and the loved ones that we have lost, no matter how bad it hurts, they’re actually not lost because we carry them inside us just like nature carries us inside of it. My dad’s nickname for me was Chipmunk, you can guess which part I watch on repeat, lol.



If John Muir, Mother Teressa, and a duck were to have a threesome and produce a lovechild . . .



What’s the difference between a marsh, a swamp, a wetland, a bog, and an estuary? Bonus: What is a fen?



Marsh ecology is fascinating, take it from a nerd like me. I did my masters research at the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in Montana. Best summers of my life, messing around out there in a canoe, living in a little cabin. I studied the American wigeon (minute 16). This video could be a great educational tool if they flashed a text identification when different species appear. I really appreciate that they didn’t overdub the soundscape with David Bowie or Madonna or something.



Projected this on the wall so that it was superimposed on my TV, then dosed LSD and played Mario Kart 64 until dawn. Yoshi was in the willow maze! Don’t hit that muskrat, bro! It was sick.



reminds me I don’t know anything about nature and makes me realize I’ve been wasting so much of my life chasing material things and things that don’t matter. thank you.



My kids go flipping crazy for the otter sliding (sledding?) in the snow.



wanna get with that sexy otter—damn girl—call me 594-318-2212



Okay. Facts. In no particular order: The latest IPCC report said it’s “now or never” to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius . . . The current extinction rate is between 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than the baseline natural extinction rate across millions of years of history . . . There are zero Yangtze River dolphins left in the Yangtze, and the last two northern white rhinos are female, figure that one out for yourself . . . Livestock comprise 62% of the world’s mammal biomass, humans 34%, and wild mammals a mere 4% (read that twice!) . . . We are the leading country for generating plastic waste (486 pounds per person annually) . . . Roughly 14 billion pounds of garbage are dumped into the ocean every year . . . If sea levels continue to rise, 200 million people will be flooded out of their homes by the end of the century (and every single one of them is going to knock on your door and ask if you have room on the couch) . . . From John Hersey’s classic book Hiroshima we learn that after the bomb was dropped people fled to Asano Park, which still had some living bamboos and pines and maples, “because of an irresistible, atavistic urge to hide under leaves” . . . Ecology is the study of relationships, spirituality is the experience of relationships . . . We have met the enemy and the enemy is us BUT only if we conceive of “us” as stupid little isolated wrecking balls . . .



Have you ever sat in a pitch dark bathroom in the bathtub and forgotten where you begin and where you end? This vid is like that.



I don’t get it. It’s a marsh and not even a particularly scenic one. I’ve been around a dozen marshes like this. Somebody set up a few game cameras and edited the footage together. So why is this so profound? Why is this the best fucking video ever?



i always fantasy to snow angel and skate this ice. my fantasy, quit everything that was not and live now forever with animal in these marsh of winter.