Bisi Adjapon’s second novel, Daughter in Exile, was published in January. When not writing, or pretending to write, she dances a lot and gets whacked by tennis balls on the court. She lives in Virginia.


Ellen Bass lives in Santa Cruz, California, and is a chancellor of the Academy of American Poets. Her most recent book of poetry is titled Indigo. The boy in her poem in this issue is now a father, so she has another precious creature to worry about in this endangered world.


Anna Gazmarian is the outreach coordinator for The Sun. Her debut memoir, Devout: A Memoir of Doubt, is forthcoming from Simon & Schuster in April 2024. She lives and writes in Durham, North Carolina. You can follow her on Twitter: @anna_gazmarian.


Danusha Laméris is a coastal Californian and part-time pollinator-helper. She co-leads the HearthFire Writing Community with James Crews and teaches at Pacific University. Her latest book of poems is titled Bonfire Opera.


Elie Piha has worked as a bartender and a roofer and served four years in the Army. He lives in Ithaca, New York, and received his MFA from Cornell University. His short story in this issue is part of a novel in progress.


Lori Romero is a filmmaker, actor, and storm chaser who has witnessed more than thirty tornadoes. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. You can follow her on Instagram: @traipseness.


Thacher Schmid lives in Portland, Oregon, where he writes about homelessness, hate, and music. He plays the violin, mandolin, and viola.



Karen Buscemi lives in Michigan and is a writer, photographer, painter, and sewing-factory owner. Her work has appeared in Women’s Health and Self. She owns a cello that she plans to conquer one day, but for now she just looks at it longingly.


Joseph Johnston began taking photography classes at the age of sixty-six at City College of San Francisco. For thirty years he worked with Tz’utujil and Kaqchikel Mayan artists from Guatemala and has published ten calendars featuring their oil paintings.


Wayne Klaw lives in New Jersey, between Camden — widely considered to be one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. — and Moorestown, which ranks as one of the most livable. He is a retired Boeing 757 captain and the son of an aerial photographer who could take pictures while flying the plane.


Paige Le is a portrait photographer who lives in San Jose, California.


Ingrid Lockhart is a photographer who lives in Northern California.


Larena Nellies-Ortiz is a photographer and educator who uses her camera to hunt for color, texture, and shadow in the early-morning hours. She lives in Los Angeles, California.


Lelindé Page spent sixteen years working in restaurants before a thought exercise convinced her to prioritize art. She lives in the Pacific Northwest, where she enjoys writing, photography, and topping her spaghetti with cheddar cheese. You can follow her on Instagram: @lelindepage.


Helen M. Stummer lives in Metuchen, New Jersey, and is the author of the photography collection No Easy Walk: Newark, 1980–1993. For more than forty years she’s been taking photos to raise awareness of poverty in the U.S.


Lloyd Wolf lives in Arlington, Virginia, and is concerned with documenting social-justice issues. He remains awed by the unfathomable mysteries of existence.


On The Cover

Michael Galinsky is a filmmaker, photographer, and musician who lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He has been a contributor to The Sun for more than thirty years. He took the image on this month’s cover in Manhattan in the 1990s.



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