Megan J. Arlett was born in the UK, grew up in Spain, and now lives in New Mexico. Her work has appeared in Best New Poets 2019, The Best New British and Irish Poets 2018, and Gulf Coast.


Doug Crandell lives on a small farm in Georgia. He loves chard so much that he can’t bring himself to harvest the colorful leaves. Instead he takes pictures of them.


Kate Osterloh recently retired from the US Foreign Service to pursue her dream of racking up even more student-loan debt. She lives in southwest Colorado with her daughter.


Catherine Pierce is the poet laureate of Mississippi and author of four books of poems, most recently Danger Days. She is always up for a hike, a round of minigolf, or a carnival.


Wyatt Williams was a restaurant critic in Atlanta, Georgia, until he lost his appetite. He is the author of Springer Mountain: Meditations on Killing and Eating. Most recently he taught nonfiction writing at the University of Iowa.


Dave Zoby can be found every winter morning between 7 AM and 8 AM at the Bourgeois Pig in Casper, Wyoming, drinking coffee and revising his latest work. In the summer he hits the road with his black Lab, Henderson the Rain King. You can follow them on Instagram: @davidzoby.



Maureen Beitler is a documentary photographer and former intensive-care nurse who works in New York City and the Hudson Valley. Caring for people who were struggling to live taught her not to look away from the intensity and conflict found in everyday life.


Brian Gaberman walked away from a twenty-one-year career of traveling the globe as a sports photographer to stay in his Northern California community, working in the dirt as a permaculture practitioner. You can follow him on Instagram: @b_gaberman.


Heidi Hart took a sabbatical from selling pharmaceuticals twenty years ago to raise her two kids, and somewhere en route she shifted her focus to street photography and social advocacy.


Ian Hill is cofounder of a med-tech start-up and an adventure athlete who lives in Colorado. He can frequently be found dangling from the end of a rope, shooting pictures and video from elevated perspectives. You can find his work on YouTube: @ianhil.


Tom Hill spent most of his work life as an editor of documentary-based films after abandoning his pole-vaulting career in college. These days he lives in Massachusetts and makes photos of adventures in nature and anything that catches his eye.


Wayne Klaw lives in New Jersey and enjoys developing film in the darkroom.


Ryan Malizio lives in California and escapes to the outdoors to get a break from being a partner at a Big Four accounting firm. His photography is inspired by the beauty of nature and his wife.


Gary Seelig began making photographs in 1958 during a second-grade class trip in which he and his classmates took a boat tour of Manhattan Island. He lives on the north Oregon coast with his wife and their cat, Taka.


Cole Thompson loves tacos and dogs and wants a pet possum. Due to witness-protection precautions, his location cannot be disclosed.


On The Cover

July 2024 cover of The Sun. Subsistence hunter Peter Avike, dressed in Greenland’s traditional costume of sealskin boots and trousers made from polar-bear skin, plus a white hoodie, plays soccer in Siorapaluk on Greenland’s National Day in 2013.

Carsten Egevang combines his background in natural science and twenty-five years of photography field experience to document Greenland, Arctic wildlife, and the connection between humans and animals in the Arctic environment. He took the photo on this month’s cover in Siorapaluk, Greenland’s northernmost settlement, in June 2013. Subsistence hunter Peter Avike, dressed in the traditional costume of kamiks (sealskin boots) and trousers made from polar-bear skin, was playing soccer on Greenland’s National Day.



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