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Our Readers

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A pituitary tumor, a shot of thorazine, the flu

February 1980
Readers Write


Like a horse, to attain a state of high performance, to achieve a balance somewhere between the need and the desire

January 1980
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Simple Pleasures

Kite-flying, spaghetti, the sound of moving water

December 1979
Readers Write

First Sexual Experience

In the tall broomsedge, in a nearly finished new house, in a tent

November 1979
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Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Mrs. Allen, Guru Maharaji Ji

October 1979
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Places Of Worship

The world, the remains of ancient Thera, Stonehenge

September 1979
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My fear of my father, my piano, my unsuppressible nomadic tendencies

August 1979
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Drug Experiences

Dogwood blooms scattered along the path looking like unreal party decorations; wonderfully visible auras of soft neon; hearing the one note that we and all we sense are merely harmonics of

July 1979
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Family Stories

Waiting for the angels, chopping the head off a chicken, building a house — twice

June 1979
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Job Experiences

Agency fees, electric shocks, “chronic” customers

March 1979
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(Part Two)

A curve ball, Panic Alley, the Birch Tree

February 1979
Readers Write


The “Today” show, “Washington Week in Review,” Barbara Walters

February 1979
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