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Editor’s Note

Time Out

I start the day with coffee again. Or did I start it when I opened my eyes? When I stopped dreaming? When my daughter started her day, and began to cry? My wife is out of bed and across the room in one fluid motion, returning with Mara in her arms, and the three of us lie in the bed Mara was born in, just a year ago. Not a bed, really, just a foam mattress on the floor — but our bed, as this house is our home, these movements a morning, these days a life, our lives the pivot of creation, turning the raw stuff of the cosmos into a bed, a home.

A Spell Without Books

And the wind of poetry dies down for a minute, and I see myself just for that minute outside of myself — a woman thrown like a leaf against the newsstand, struck with the sudden weightlessness of UNEMPLOYMENT. . . .


Jesus Tales

“Do you fight?” asked Saint Peter. “Beat each other, and the children?” “Sometimes,” they admitted. They turned to Jesus. “What happened to us, Lord?” they asked him. Jesus said he didn’t know exactly. Life can be mysterious and sad.

The Dance

During this holiday season, Sharon has gotten into the habit of counting how many of her ex-lovers show up at any given party. Tonight, as soon as she walks into Ruth’s house, she spots three: Jonathan, the affair that caused her divorce; Jerry, with whom she’d gotten involved right afterward; and Michael, the roommate and best friend of her ex-husband, Raffi. Michael had refused to sleep with Sharon until Raffi accused him of doing it anyway and then went away for the weekend with Nancy, one of Michael’s ex-lovers. True, Michael had never been all that attached to Nancy, but when Sharon showed up that Saturday evening with Dom Perignon, he must have felt justified in letting himself be seduced. They spent one fantastic night together, and then some sense of loyalty or cowardice reasserted itself and Michael refused to see her. At Ruth’s party, Michael greets Sharon as though they had never lain side by side on his waterbed, exhausted by orgasm, their toes touching. He spends the entire party blowing up balloons. Sharon, feeling hurt and rejected, drinks too much and passes out in the dining room under a table loaded with potato pancakes, sour cream, and applesauce.

Falling Water

Four a.m. April first. Rain is forecast for most of the Northeast, but this morning the clear stars and full moon light the sky.

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Readers Write


Selfish is one thing my mother never was. Beyond belief, she was not selfish! I never saw her put herself first, never heard her say, “This is what I want” or “What about me?” Everything revolved first around our father, and then around us, the kids, from where we lived to how each hour of the day was spent.

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Question: What is the cause of the world?

Answer: Love.

Question: Why do men revolt?

Answer: To find beauty, either in life or in death.

Question: What for each of us is inevitable?

Answer: Happiness.

Question: And what is the greatest marvel?

Answer: Each day, death strikes, and we live as though we were immortal. This is the greatest marvel.

The Mahabharata

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