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December 2003


Kent Annan and his wife, Shelly Satran, live and work in Haiti, where he writes by the light of a kerosene lamp.


McCabe Coolidge is a book reviewer, poet, and essayist whose work has appeared in Sail Magazine, the San Francisco Bay Crossing, Dairy Goat Journal, and the New Orleans Review. He once lived on a sailboat in San Francisco Bay but now lives with his sweetheart, Karen, in Greenville, North Carolina, where he makes pottery and skips off to the coast whenever he can to sail, clam, and write.


Gillian Kendall lives in Australia. When not reporting on Parliament, she writes, reads Sun manuscripts, walks the Shelties, pets the cats, gardens, and spends time with her partner. She is co-author, with Mark O’Brien, of How I Became a Human Being (University of Wisconsin Press).


Lyn Lifshin’s most recent books of poetry are Another Woman Who Looks Like Me (Black Sparrow/Godine Press) and A New Film about a Woman in Love with the Dead (March Street Press). She lives in Vienna, Virginia.


Alison Luterman is a poet and essayist living in Oakland, California, where she offers creative-writing classes in her living room. She has written a book of poems, The Largest Possible Life (Cleveland State University Press).


Sy Safransky is editor of The Sun.


Debbie Urbanski holds a day job at Boxcar Press, a letterpress shop and fine press based in central New York State. She reviews hair salons for shorthaired women at her website, and also writes poetry and fiction.



Bob Bayles was born and raised in Illinois, and his first love was drag racing. He later moved to California to pursue an interest in acting and discovered photography along the way. He lives in Van Nuys, California.


Walter O. Beaton lives in New York City. His photograph in this issue is from a series he took at Woodlawn Cemetery in Brooklyn and Saint Paul’s Church Cemetery in Mount Vernon, New York.


Sara Ferguson has lived in California, Oregon, Montana, Utah, and Australia. She currently lives in Bainbridge Island, Washington, and is pursuing a career in fine art and freelance photography.


Photographer Noëlle Gaberman lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with a rat, a dog, and a wonderful man who provides unlimited support.


Before moving to the U.S., Edis Jurčys worked for eight years in Moscow Network Television. She lives in Portland, Oregon, close to Mount Hood, and loves to downhill ski.


A former advertising art director in Chicago, Michael V. Limbert hit the road in 2002 to practice photography and recently settled in southern California.


Fawn Potash’s photographs have appeared in the New Yorker, Harper’s, and Mirabella, and she is represented by Gallery 292 in New York City. She lives with her husband in Catskill, New York.


Michael Schultz is a photographer living in Kernersville, North Carolina.


Mark Townsend lives and takes photographs in Brooklyn, New York.


Suzi Q. Varin lives in Los Angeles, where she has worked as a prop stylist, but she prefers to take pictures of buildings, food, and daily life, including weddings.


Photographer Harry Wilson lives in Bakersfield, California, and sometimes travels to Southeast Asia. In Laos he documented the ways in which people recycle military hardware. B-52 bomber gas tanks make great canoes, he says.


On The Cover

In 1980, photographer Ethan Hubbard spent a week camping in a VW bus in Sonora, Mexico. He shared coffee and almonds with locals around his campfire, and befriended the cowboy on the cover, who tended herds of goats and sheep. The cowboy never gave Hubbard his name, but took him on horseback to see caves decorated with ancient Indian paintings. A number of Hubbard’s images from his travels around the world appear in this issue. He lives in Chelsea, Vermont.

image © Mark Townsend

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