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December 2018


Elizabeth Alexander is the author of six books of poems, two collections of essays, a memoir, and a play. She lives in New York City and was recently appointed president of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


Krista Bremer lives in Carrboro, North Carolina, with her husband, her son, her anxiety, and her awe. She is writing her second book and is grateful to loved ones who inspire and tolerate her writing.


Bill Glose is a former paratrooper and combat platoon leader. Now a civilian, he writes for magazines about participating in such intriguing pursuits as a walk across Virginia and a world-record-setting skinny dip. He lives in Yorktown, Virginia.


Tony Hoagland was the author of the poetry collections Recent Changes in the Vernacular, Application for Release from the Dream, and What Narcissism Means to Me. He died of pancreatic cancer in October 2018 at the age of sixty-four, just as this issue was going to press.


Mark Leviton sometimes wishes our national anthem could be Funkadelic’s “Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow.” He lives in Nevada City, California.


Emily Mitchell likes bad films, peculiar animals, and karaoke. She teaches at the University of Maryland and is the author of the novel The Last Summer of the World and a collection of short stories, Viral, both from W.W. Norton.


Andrew Snee is senior editor of The Sun. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with his wife, younger son, and two cats, all of whom are getting tired of their home-renovation project.


Piper Vignette learned how to write through a long-standing correspondence with a poet who lives in the projects of New Orleans. She is currently working on a graphic novel in Mill Valley, California, where she lives with her daughter and wanders the dystopian wasteland of dating apps. Follow her on Instagram: @PiperVignette.


Matthew Vollmer makes a mean spaghetti sauce. Wishes he could skateboard. Regrets giving up on the piano. Dislikes olives. Is happy to report that he is no longer obsessed with the video game Grand Theft Auto V. Lives in Blacksburg, Virginia. And hopes you check out his most recent book, Permanent Exhibit, a collection of short essays that first appeared as status updates on social media.



Paul Breeden’s illustrations have been published in National Geographic and Smithsonian magazines. Together with his wife and son, he built an art studio and gallery in Sullivan, Maine.


Gina Easley lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is the staff photographer for Full Grown People, an online magazine about adulthood, “the other awkward age.” She loves travel, photography, and animals, and is happiest when all three converge.


Fernando Villela was born in Brazil and lived in five different countries between the ages of ten and eighteen. He now lives in New York City, where he works as an artist and photographer.


Reinhard Gorn is a former social worker who has made his living as a photographer since 1982. He lives in Falkensee, Germany.


Frank Hamrick’s favorite days are the ones that don’t involve looking at a computer. He teaches at Louisiana Tech University School of Design and lives in Ruston, Louisiana.


Laurie Minor has published more than two thousand photographs, some of which have appeared in Photo Life, Photo Digest, and Cat Fancy. She lives in Ridgeville, Ontario, Canada.


Alec Redding lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His photograph in this issue was taken when he was a senior in high school.


On The Cover

Bruce Horowitz lives in Rochester, New York. He took the photo on this month’s cover at a lake in Geneva, New York, in 1984.

image © Paul Breeden

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