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An Interview With Patricia Sun

The transition of awareness is knowing we must pay attention to our feelings, our fears, our bodies, our thoughts, our unconscious minds which may turn up bizarre imagery. We have to get accustomed to the way that intelligence of the intuitive self teaches, as a gestalt, and not take it all so literally.

Essays, Memoirs, and True Stories

Powerless No More

On Meeting Patricia Sun

We are coming out of a dark age of consciousness, and we’re stepping into a light that is pretty strong. All our defense mechanisms which existed for good reasons in earlier stages of evolution now create problems.

Insisting On Love

Well, to be honest, I am afraid of success. For deep down I can’t figure out what it means. The successful people that I know, with few exceptions, are a drag, and I mean that literally.

Poet Of The Ordinary

Despite his many public roles, Paul Goodman all his life was first and foremost a writer, and in the enormous variety of things he wrote — poems, plays, novels, reviews, political essays, literary criticism, psychological essays, social criticism, educational theory, linguistic analysis, religious musings — his stories hold a special place.

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Amazing Coincidences

As for coincidence, it is everywhere, like falling leaves. Only despair and the lack of love make us feel our incidents are incidental in a hollow world.

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We meet ourselves time and again in a thousand disguises on the path of life.

Carl Jung

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