This month, THE SUN is seven years old. I don’t know what’s more amazing: that we’ve lasted this long, or that I ever doubted we would.

Seven is a lucky throw, an occult symbol, a number with wings. Many natural cycles occur in seven phases: there are seven chakras, or power centers, in the body; there are seven notes in an octave before it begins again on the eighth; the ancient astrologers, who knew of only seven planets, tell us that at seven years of age we begin to realize our own essence.

THE SUN, at seven, is coming into its own. We have a growing number of readers nationwide, and the quality of the magazine steadily improves, despite our modest resources. (I started to write “limited resources,” but realize the energy that sustains us is limitless, and circumscribed only by our own beliefs.) The Ram Dass benefit last May helped us enormously, and Patricia Sun will be here in February to do a benefit workshop. Our financial situation still feels precarious, but this publishing miracle continues.

You can help. A subscription to THE SUN is a wonderful gift, not just for the person who will receive the magazine, but for us. We need more subscribers.

Whether you’ve been with us seven years or are new to the magazine, I hope you’ll want to share THE SUN with someone you love.

— Sy