Issue 71 | The Sun Magazine

October 1981

Readers Write

The Best Advice I Ever Got

Watermelons; mind over matter; you are not alone, and you are loved

By Our Readers


The necessary premise is that a man is somehow more than his “characteristics,” all the emotions, strivings, tastes and constructions which it pleases him to call “My Life.” We have ground to hope that a Life is something more than a cloud of particles, mere facticity. Go through what is comprehensible and you conclude that only the incomprehensible gives any light.

Saul Bellow, Herzog

The Sun Interview

From Somebody To Nobody To . . .

An Interview With Ram Dass

Do you hear what I’m saying about being a teacher? What I say to everybody is listen with your heart and if it doesn’t feel good, run like hell. And that includes me as well as everybody else.

By Sy Safransky
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Moving With The People

A dim line of light appeared in the darkness beyond the window of the plane, along with some tiny flashes. As the line broadened, I realized that it was dawn, and the flashes were lightning. The line grew broader, up and down, until it reached the Indian Ocean far beneath us, and I searched in the gloom for the island of Sri Lanka.

By Morris Earle, Jr.
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Song For Itzhak

During his 25 years in the United States, Itzhak became a legend in the field of bio-medical invention. His hallmark was producing new methods and tools that were ridiculously simple when completed, and nearly impossible to believe in before undertaken.

By Marilyn Bentov

O Marie, Çoncue Sans Pêché

On my calendar there aren’t any more social engagements or shrink appointments or movies to catch up on. It says here: “Monday. Get up. Eat. Floss teeth. Go to bed by 10:00.”

By Kathleen Snipes

Wood Sculptures

There is a border between intention (the conscious effect of each curve or bend) and the more powerful energy that is just beyond direct reach of consciousness.

Wood Sculptures By Andy Fleishman | Photographs By John Rosenthal