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January 1983


Lightning Allan Brown has been active in several poetry and translation groups in Chapel Hill. A former instructor in literature and English at the Carolo-Wilhelmina Technical University in Brunswick, West Germany, he is now on the staff of the North Carolina Anvil.


Brad Conard lives in New York City where he works for Anateus and The Ecco Press. His fiction has appeared in several literary magazines.


Jim Ralston was raised on a farm in upstate Michigan, when there was still a taste of wilderness in the north.


Rainer Maria Rilke was raised in Prague by German-speaking parents. He was the author of several books of poetry and a collection of letters published after his death in 1926, titled Letters to a Young Poet.


Howard Jay Rubin is a writer who lives in Durham, N.C.


Sy Safransky is editor of THE SUN.


Chuck Taylor is a writer and publisher who lives in Austin, Texas.


Hugo von Hofmannsthal was an Austrian novelist, poet, dramatist, and essayist.


On The Cover

John Cotterman is a photographer, graphic designer and typesetter, unfortunately in reverse order of lucrativeness. He runs Lunar Graphics in Chapel Hill where his specialty has become staving off obnoxious creditors.


Sy Safransky

Assistant Editor
Jeff Badgett

Susan Wallin

Contributing Editor
Howard Jay Rubin

Editorial Assistants
Brenda Baugh
DeChanile Johnson
Esther Szabo

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