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A Friend of The Sun

I wish it were easier for me to speak my heart to people I don’t know. As a writer, I strive to be honest and self-revealing. But put me in front of a microphone, ask me about my passion for the magazine I started thirty years ago, and I’m like some bashful suitor struggling to put his love into words. That’s why, when our local public radio station asked to interview me recently, I almost said no.

Friend Of The Sun

I recently hired a magazine expert to analyze The Sun’s finances. After he’d spent several weeks poring over our books, we met to discuss his findings. His research was thorough; his advice about how to cut expenses and find new readers made sense. We had almost finished our meeting when he asked me to consider one more idea: carrying ads in The Sun. Finding advertisers would be a cinch, he declared, and ads would be a significant additional source of revenue. Think of advertising as “low-hanging fruit,” he said. What did I have to lose?