We’re happy to announce that Patricia Sun is coming to Chapel Hill to do a benefit workshop for THE SUN Sunday, February 1.

Patricia is a spiritual teacher to whom we devoted an issue in December 1979. I wrote then:

“I’ve spent too many years as an editor to let a writer get away with describing someone as ‘radiant.’ So I’ll have to do it.

“Patricia Sun is radiant. ‘Love without attachment is light,’ wrote Norman O. Brown. Maybe that explains her glow. . . .”

In that same issue, Elizabeth Campbell wrote:

“What made Patricia so accessible to me was the equal footing she put herself on with the audience. Her emphasis, repeatedly, was on supporting everyone, in all their power. In the freedom she has inherited by loving herself so totally, she is able to beam out unobstructed support for everyone else to do the same. . . .”

The cost of the two-and-a-half-hour afternoon workshop, part of the proceeds of which will go to THE SUN, is $25. We haven’t picked a location but seating may be limited, so we urge you to write now if you’re interested. Enclose a check for $25, payable to THE SUN. We’ll notify you of the exact time and place.

— Sy