There are lots of good reasons to give THE SUN for Christmas.

CoEvolution Quarterly:THE SUN looks good and says good things.”

New Age: “A fine, intimate, human-perspective journal, THE SUN is both turned on and warmhearted.”

Rain: “. . . an unexpected gem . . . pervaded with a beautiful spiritual quality but without the jargon and trappings. . . . it leaves a wonderful warm glow.”

Daniel Lusk, on National Public Radio: “Here is an orderly but unpredictable, inexpensive little magazine that seems devoted to airing people’s opinions and experiences of the world we all share.”

THE SUN is the ideal gift for friends and relatives who’d share your enthusiasm for a totally independent journal that has printed the unusual and stimulating views of George Wald, Robert Bly, Patricia Sun, Gary Snyder, Ram Dass, William Irwin Thompson, Paolo Soleri, Stephen Gaskin, David Spangler, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross as well as hundreds of lesser known but important writers from around the country.

You don’t have to fight crowds or stand on line to order a gift subscription to THE SUN — just fill out the form below. And if there’s more than one person in your life who would appreciate THE SUN, you can save money by ordering additional gift subscriptions at only $9.00 each — a savings of 25 per cent. This offer is good only through December, 1980.

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