Dear Readers,

We hope this message finds you, and everyone you care about, in good health.

As this issue goes to press, at the end of April, we have been working from home since March 16. In the midst of this global pandemic, with so many lives lost and so much suffering all around, we’re thankful to be able to produce a magazine, and we’re doing everything we can to make sure The Sun reaches you each month.

If you need to contact us, our website is the easiest and fastest way to manage your subscription, make payments and donations, and submit work. Our customer-service line (888-732-6736) is still being answered, but callers can expect longer-than-usual hold times due to our diminished customer-service capacity. We also anticipate significant delays in responding to postal mail, including payments and renewals. Using the website will ensure that your requests are processed quickly and efficiently.

During the pandemic, we have removed the paywall on our website, so that subscribers and nonsubscribers alike have access to current issues, as well as our complete archives going back to 1974.

Given the devastating economic impact of COVID-19, it’s impossible to predict what lies ahead. Like so many small businesses and nonprofit organizations, we’re facing challenges we’ve not experienced before. But The Sun has often faced obstacles in its forty-six-year history, and we’ve always been sustained by faith and hard work — and the loyalty of our readers. We are profoundly grateful for your steadfast support. May we all weather this storm.