The universe is a constantly expanding expression of life. It is a pulsating phenomena which is completely new with every pulsation. No moment of so-called time is really dependent on any other, for each is unique and complete in itself. Every second, every perception of the Creation is a totally different Creation. In Reality there is no cause and effect, no action, re-action, no time as we perceive it, at any given point of perception. All that is just is.

Because each perception is unique, and different from every other perception, it is completely independent: each perception contains the whole of Reality at that instant. Anything that has happened before, anything that may happen — these are not real. Only that which is, is.

When a psychic, or anyone else, “predicts” the future, they are in fact simply assessing probabilities. These probabilities are based on the existing reality at the precise time that the prediction is made. However, the next point in time is a whole new Universe — a unique and different Reality in which the previously existing probabilities may or may not be real. And at any given instant, anyone can completely reverse the probabilities, because there is no dependence upon the “past” which is no longer real . . .

Any individual is totally self-responsible. No matter what the existing probabilities may be, the individual is not in any way bound by them, except as he chooses to perceive himself bound.

Probabilities are based on information — the more complete the information, the greater the ability to assess probability, hence the more “accurate” the prediction. But the prediction is itself a piece of information, with an effect on the probabilities — hence a determinant in its own accuracy.

In the last analysis, the accuracy of any prediction depends upon the awareness of the individual. The more a person understands his own motives and purposes, the more control he exercises over his situation — over his life. The less aware an individual is, the more likely he is to be subject to “accurate” predictions — in other words, the greater is the probability that he will follow the old patterns which he is unaware even exist.

Prediction may be based on habit patterns of previous behavior, or it may be a reading of the intent of the individual on a higher level to present the lower self-aspect with learning situations. On any level, prediction is still based on probabilities — for instance, a projected learning situation may be cancelled or changed due to a “quicker” opening (or closing) of the lower (less self-aware) self-aspect.

Predictions, therefore, are simply tools, aids in our growth and expansion. They are, themselves, pieces of information not to be accepted, but tested and weighed. They can tell us the probabilities. If we like the probabilities then we may let it happen as it will. However, if we dislike the path we appear to be treading, then predictions help us to become aware of those underlying motives and actions which must be changed.

Predictions are simply mathematical conditional statements. “If . . . then.”