The position you occupy
in mind, some point in the mind
what topology that is
                                                 what amount of time
is spent traveling there
                                                      to the moment
where the vista breaks
open to the mind’s eye
The position that you come to feel
when you accidentally notice yourself
hopeful in some part of you
                                                                that an awakening
to the possible will take place
                                                                     I am constantly
waiting we are all of us waiting
there before a mind that wants us
to recognize the moment
                                                          to grasp
the self
Forest Mushroom
Nothing to be known except the presence here
that is nowhere defined
                                                       to be reminded of
oneself for no apparent reason
simply to come upon oneself
                                                                  as upon
a mushroom
                             delectable, without flaw
spread quietly miraculously open in green mist